Ashtanga Yoga

Class Descriptions

Hatha Flow

Hatha Yoga is a quieter style of yoga. Focus is on alignment and breath, and go deeper into each individual posture, while encouraging lengthening and stretching of the muscles. Restore balance and expand awareness of the body, breath and mind, in this challenging and detailed-oriented physical practice.


Vinyasa Flow

Vinyasa Flow (Power Yoga) classes are lively, energetic, flowing classes synchronizing breath with movement. Through practice, students are able to build strength, flexibility, and concentration. Cleanse the body and calm the mind. You can expect a great cardiovascular and strength building workout combined with breath work (pranayama).


Gentle Hatha Flow

Gentle Yoga uses supports called “props” instead of muscular tension to maintain poses. Gentle yoga is perfect for those who would like to work at a slower, gentler pace. This class emphasizes moving with ease and comfort, with breath awareness to increase strength, flexibility and endurance. Slower exploration of postures allows for deep relaxation and quiet meditation.


Slow Flow

Moving slowing and mindfully through the practice while focusing on breath and alignment. Still increasing strength and flexibility through a yoga flow that is paced for all levels.  

Full Body Stretch

This is class is for all levels and compliments your yoga practice or any other exercise activity you are involved in.  You will experience the release of tight muscles, tension and stress from head to toe.  If you are looking to feel relaxed and refreshed, this class is must.


Hatha & Restore

You will be lead through traditional Hatha postures while focusing on breath and alignment.  The latter part of the class will follow with some deep stretches before a well deserved savasana.


Strengthen and Sculpt

Using light weights in exhilarating sequences that will sculpt the major muscles.  In addition, it will help strengthen and provide balance to the full body. A great compliment to your yoga practice for all levels. 

Prenatal Yoga

This comprehensive prenatal exercise class is for mamas who want to prepare their bodies the smart way. You can avoid the difficult challenges of postpartum recovery by preparing your body now. From baby-positioning exercises to a complete post-partum protocol, this entire class is created for the unique needs of pregnant women.