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Prenatal Yoga with Laptop

Prenatal Yoga Workshop

A 5-week Series - 60 minute Prenatal Yoga class with Sound Bath

Begins Saturday, April 17 at 11am with Leasa Wright (Registered Prenatal Yoga Teacher)

$100 (incl hst)


This comprehensive prenatal exercise program is for mamas who want to prepare their bodies the smart way. You can avoid the difficult challenges of postpartum recovery by preparing your body now. From baby-positioning exercises to a complete post-partum protocol, this entire program is created for the unique needs of pregnant women.

The program combines restorative exercise, along with safe stretching and muscle toning, so that you can prepare for a positive birth experience and an easier recovery:


1. Learn how to avoid traditional exercises and movements that create damaging tension in your pregnant body.

2. Practice restorative exercise routines that relieve pregnancy-related discomfort—and say goodbye to achy, sleepless nights.

3. Strengthen your core and protect your ab muscles from diastasis recti (the abdominal separation that creates permanent bulging).

4. Build key muscles for delivery and recovery (and learn how to smoothly transition into postpartum life).

5. Support your pelvic floor for easier labor (lowering the risk of tearing). 


This is an ideal way to maintain optimal strength and flexibility as your baby grows and requires more of you day by day. You’ll not only get sequences you can do from the comfort of your own home but equip yourself with knowledge you can take into general yoga classes. 


These classes are suitable for all stages of pregnancy and classes are accessible for all levels. No experience is required. Sign up today and make this empowering experience a part of you and your baby’s journey together!

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