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Yoga by the Ocean

Virtual Yoga Classes

Drishti is a Sanskrit word meaning “sight”.


Formerly Sun Yoga, a “brick and mortar” studio that has found opportunity to refresh, renew and regrow by making yoga accessible to everyone near and far during these unusual times.


As a Virtual Yoga Studio, we are committed to fostering physical, mental and spiritual growth through a transformative yoga practice, meditation, workshops and retreats.

Our Classes

Dec 11 - Dec 17














Iyengar Yoga


Healing Stones
Reiki Healing
Yoga Mat and Straps
Yoga Teacher Training
Cloudy Ocean

Reiki is a Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation that also promotes healing. We offer both Reiki and Bio-Energy Healing. Please contact us for more information on these services.

Are you interested in becoming a certified yoga instructor? We a comprehensive training program. After completing the 200-hour yoga training program, you will be confident in your ability to teach safely and effectively.

Join us for our 3rd Annual Yoga Retreat on “The Island of The Deep Blue”, Amorgos, Greece. Enjoy a magical week surrounded by whitewashed houses draped in magnificent Bougainvillea flowers and experiencing stunning sunsets.

Our Reviews

I am so grateful for the many changes in my health and my life thanks to the simple act of attending yoga classes at your studio. When I began taking classes just a few months ago, I was depressed and unhealthy. Now depression has become a thing of the past and my body is stronger and more flexible than ever. I have not felt this good in years and years! No matter how my day has been going, the moment I walk through your door, being greeted by you with your big smile, I always begin to feel better. In fact, I ALWAYS feel 100% better after my class. Always. I thank you so much!!!!


- Lee Preston, Oakville

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